'Working Out is Better Than Dieting'

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TV actor Gautam Rode on following a diet, proper eating habits and exercising regularly is a must for him

My exercise regime: In my free time I make it a point to hit the gym. I normally concentrate on my shoulders, chest and back. They are my favourite target areas.

My diet: I eat something after every two hours. I believe that it's proper eating habits combined with a workout that really works well for a fit body instead of just dieting or eating junk and then sweating it out in the gym for two hours.

Breakfast: Skimmed milk, one protein shake, almonds and a mixture of sunflower seeds, oats, muesli.

Mid-morning food: Four to six cups of green tea.

Lunch: Brown rice and dal.

Evening snacks: Four to six cups of green tea.

Dinner: Salads,tossed veggies and sometimes soup

My problem areas: I don't have any problem areas as such but yes I have to keep working on my legs regularly.

My strength areas: I have great abs

(As told to Gayatri Deshmukh)


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