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Have you ever felt like trying your hand at acting and portraying a character on stage? Here’s a good opportunity to do so. Swatantra Theatre and Academy of Performing Arts is hosting a month-long acting workshop from January 5 onwards, for film and theatre enthusiasts.

Explaining the concept behind the event, Abhijeet Choudhary, founder of Swatantra Theatre, says, “We offer a mixed blend of practical and theoretical knowledge of acting and its techniques. “This workshop is not merely about the technique of acting.”

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The workshop will delve on the regional form of theatre and art popularly known as Folk Art. “Every artiste must know Folk Theatre as India presents a colourful assortment of such theatre including Nautanki, Tamasha, Jatra and Yakshagana.”

Dhanashree Heblikar, Creative Director at Swatantra Theatre says, “We pay attention to the smallest of things that matter in the profession of acting. To be a good actor you have to live the character. Unfortunately, people approach us keeping in mind only the glamorous side of this profession, and are not ready to give the required amount of hard work.”

Speaking about the previous acting workshops, she admits that they have received a fantastic response. “People from various backgrounds wish to enroll at these workshops. Most of them are college students but we have also had professionals working in software companies who wish to learn acting.”

The workshop will also focus on method acting and camera acting, Nautanki as an art form and modern art forms, melodramatic acting,etc. There will also be sessions on voice modulation, acting skills and body language and guest lectures by personalities like Prakash Jha and senior students of FTII. Participants will also get to perform in a Swatantra Theatre Production.

Aspirants in the age group of 16 years and above can enroll in this workshop. The classes will be held on weekdays and weekends.

From January 5
At Swatantra Theatre, Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya, next to BMCC, Deccan.
Call 9767178857 

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