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First up, Aprés was tough to locate. After scouting for half an hour around Carter Road, for 15/B, Gagangiri Society, next to Café Coffee Day and Corniche (an address, no one seems to be aware of), we discovered that Aprés is actually, a part of Corniche. This wasn’t listed on the web nor was there any semblance of signage to guide visitors.

Pickled Beef Slider
Pickled Beef Slider at Aprés. Pics/Emmanual Karbhari.

Within a few seconds, we were led to a basement lounge. Draped in blue neon lights, it appeared empty and small. Nine o’clock is early to visit Aprés. We were told that the place fills up post 10 pm. Since we didn’t have much to do, we settled ourselves on the sofa, and got started with the evening. The seating, unfortunately, wasn’t very comfortable for the long limbed, so, we moved to the bar, and that’s when the fun uncorked.

The interiors of Apres
The interiors of Apres

Although both Aprés and Corniche share the same kitchen and chefs, the menus are different, thankfully, and so was the pricing; Aprés is priced a tad lower. With a bar menu that focusses on shots (flaming and regular), and multiple choices in vodka, whisky and classic cocktails — the variety impressed us. Scotch lovers may rue the limited choices, but nevertheless, it’s a very balanced bar menu. Even the food offers a good mix — from paper-thin pizzas to bar favourites like Fish n Chips and Beef Sliders.

Trio Bruschetta
Trio Bruschetta

After a brief conversation with the bartender, we kicked off the evening with Bull Frog (Rs 500) and Classic Margherita (Rs 400); for our bites, we settled for Trio Bruschetta (Rs 200) and Chicken Quenelles with Prune Puree (Rs 250). The Bull Frog, served in a tall glass with four different white spirits — gin, tequila, vodka and Bacardi, along with Blue Curaco and Monster energy drink — was refreshing. The Margherita with its right combo of saltiness, sweetness and sourness was potent, big bang for the buck, this.

Bull Frog
Bull Frog

Both the Trio Bruschetta with its crunchy veggies and slightly thinner bread base, and Chicken Quenelles, a robust fusion of chicken, herbs and eggs, served with prune puree on top, were perfect addition to our drinks. Next in line was our main — Pickled Beef Slider (Rs 325). Although the presentation was different from the picture, served with a generous portion of fries, and a large chunk of beef ticked inside the bread, the slider was a great way to wrap up our evening; its flavours nicely laced our final drink of the evening, Orange Martini (Rs 400).

Aprés organises cozy get-togethers for its patrons including karaoke nights (on the night we dropped by), and looks set to be a go-to space for intimate, small group dos and chilled out evenings.

Aprés didn't know we were there.
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